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iet??namese side to ensure regional peace and stability. Chang proposed the cooperation?? between the two militaries in fields such as high-level contacts, personnel traini??ng, and border control. Lich said that the Vietnamese side is willing to continue ??frequent high-level interaction, deepen pragmatic cooperation and propel the relati??onship between the two armies to a new stage.BEIJING, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- In his role as chairman of the Central Military Commission, Xi ??Jinping has signed orders to give h4

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onorary titles to two military units for their outstandi??ng services. Troop 77656 is now titled as a "model plateau battalion" for its outstanding ??performance in safeguarding borders, ensuring stability and helping disaster relief, accord??ing to a stato

ement Sunday. Navy Submarine 372 was honored as a "model submarine" for perfo??rming marine missions with excellence. The whole armed forces were urged to learn from bot??h examples. In a separate statement also released Sunday, Xi signed orders to award m2

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